About Us

Homeless Empowerment International


This non-profit organization support, empowerment and training to the homeless people. Our aim is to help homeless people find meaning in their lives and work towards re-establishing themselves in the community.

We provide basic necessities and training of their interest so the homeless individuals can regain their dignity and self respect. They learn to be on their own two feet. We believe every individual possesses some unique talent and some are even multi-talented. So our goal is to help the Homeless explore various opportunities and discover their talent/s. This discovery is then expected to transform their lives into positive, confident and productive members of society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to find a permanent solution of the seemingly insolvable problem of homelessness.

Our Mission

The relief of the poverty of the homeless which includes but is not limited to providing them with food, housing, education and trade skills required to help the homeless integrate into society.

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